1. Pace - Social
  2. Regroups
    1. (Cross) - Barking dog, North General Kearny, Fence Opening at field, Top of the hill at Calle Medusa, bottom of the hill Calle Medusa, top of 3 sisters (reroute to cross Margarita at light) Bottom of Yellow Jacket, at the cross, bottom of hill on Central Park, start of bridges, end of bridges, (reroute to cross Murrieta Hot Springs at light) end of lower bridges, social pace back to cars.. 
    2. (Hogs) - Culdesac, beginning of bacon, bottom of bacon, other side of water crossing, gate, road crossing, top of singletrack climb, shelf road, 

  3. Leader / Sweep / Mid Pack

  4. Intersections - Making sure you can see the person behind you – everyone is a sweep

  5. Yielding for others

  6. Warnings: If someone yells a warning, echo that warning to the person behind you