The Inland Valley Mountain Bike Association (IVMTB) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We are dedicated to the development and care of sustainable, multiple-use trails while fostering a community that participates in healthful activity, preserving the environment and stimulating the local economy through advocacy, education and participation.

  • We are made up of passionate mountain bike riders of all ages, skill levels and disciplines.
  • We work with land managers to ensure access to well built, sustainable trails while protecting the environment at the same time.
  • We educate others on the benefits of mountain biking, the responsible use of trails, how to increase riding skills, and encourage camaraderie within the mountain bike community.
  • We are located in Western Riverside County, California and are an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Chapter Club.

Who is the IVMTB and why do we exist

The Answer - You are the Inland Valley Mountain Bike Association!!

The Inland Valley Mountain Bike Association was formed to fill a need. The need to pull hundreds of mountain bikers in Riverside County together to have a united voice. To encourage participation and education on responsible trail use by all trail user groups. 

What we are

We are a lot of individuals working together, attending meetings, riding, building and maintaining trails, educating other mountain bike riders and other trail users on responsible trail use and coexisting. 

What we are not

We are not one or two individuals that do all of the work for everyone else. If this is what is expected we will surely fail before we even get started. 

How can you get involved

You can get involved in the areas that are important to you. Attend meetings, write letters, work on trails, encourage other to get involved. Your help is needed to represent the mountain bike community. To educate other mountain bikers and trail users on responsible trail use.  You can also bring information back  to the membership of IVMTB so that other resources can be pulled in to assist.

Why numbers are important

When attending meetings the more people that are there representing a cause the better. 1 person gets attention but 10 or more is overwhelming. It shows the board, committees and councils that we are serious about our trails and that we are willing to fight for them.