2014 IMBA World Summit Recap

Wow.. Where do I start?

I rode out to Steamboat Springs, CO with Matt Gunnell, Director of the SoCal High School Mountain Biking League and David Jaget, the president of the Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association. Needless to say there was a lot of great conversation about mountain biking and politics during the 1000 mile trip.

While there I attended sessions on Club Governance, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Branding, Working with Land Management and Trail Building. There were several other sessions I wanted to attend but I could not figure out how to be in two places at the same time.

The information presented at the summit was extremely valuable in my quest to start this organization but the most valuable information came from other participants.

I was exposed to some very knowledgeable individuals that represented clubs ranging from 5 members to over 1000 members. All willing to share their experiences, challenges and successes. I came away with even more enthusiasm about the things that we can accomplish when we come together as a group and work towards a common goal.

If have never been to Steamboat Springs to mountain bike you don’t know what your missing. They have 40 miles of singletrack accessible from a trailhead in the middle of town. They also have a significant trail system on the ski resort. Unfortunately due to a broken wrist I was not able to enjoy any of the trails but I did get to take a tour of the Moots factory which is 4 miles outside of town. Talk about some sexy ass bikes.