Greer Updates

We have been working closely with the county and the City of Murrieta. We want to extend a special thanks to Michael LaPaglia with Murrieta’s Planning Commission. As a commissioner Mike has been such a huge advocate for us this week. The great news is the City seems to want to help us make Greer a forever MTB home. We have some very exciting things in the works. *CDFW (Fish & Game) has verified that they have not put the sign closures out. Our contacts there are also MTB family which is exciting. We will continue to nurture those relationships. I want to make it clear that we were contacted by the county before this and asked that we please help stop any new building at this site. We did not call them. That’s when we knew the time was right. Currently as always it IS TRESPASSING to ride at Greer. It always has been. Please continue to park off site and ride in whenever possible. Please help by asking anyone you know building to hold off for now. There are some very sensitive areas that have been cut through in the past couple of weeks that have our friends at the conservation level upset. We need them to feel like we are part of the solution. Not the problem. We believe we are fighting a good fight and we are making incredible progress. If you would like more info please feel free to reach out to our President Holly Cass. For now we continue to update daily if needed. Please remember we are volunteers. We spend time away from our families and our paying jobs to advocate on your behalf. We have had some unfortunate responses this past week. So please continue to lift up your local trail angels. They do a job no one else wants to do. Peace , love and Happy Shredding!!