Weekly IVMTB Ride Update

Good day all,

The IVMTB Board wanted to provide an update regarding the IVMTB Monday Night rides.

When we formed this organization last year our mission was defined as "the development and care of sustainable, multiple-use trails while fostering a community that participates in healthful activity, preserving the environment and stimulating the local economy through advocacy, education and participation." 

We wanted to build a group that could help unite local ride groups, shops and industry in the development and protection of local trails. Our board felt that hosting a weekly ride would help spread the word on who we are and what we are about. While that has worked, we also feel that we may have inadvertently caused a decline in participation with some of the other local ride groups, and it has also made it difficult for us to find time to participate in those groups ourselves. 

During the next few weeks we will be communicating the cancellation of our weekly Monday Night IVMTB ride. Instead we want to focus on increasing participation in other clubs and shop rides. Our board members, committee members and general members will be encouraged to join other groups rides to build awareness of IVMTB, learn new trails and understand the struggles in different areas of the county.

Stay tuned for more exciting news..

Thanks for all of your continued support..